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IT Shop Floor

Dolný Kubín
plný úväzok

1 až 4 roky odborných skúseností

Vaše úlohy

  • Work in projects in Implementation and Rollout of Industry 4.0 applications and IT infrastructures
  • Preparation and Analysis process data
  • Support our core processes (production, supply chain management, quality management) directly on the shop floor
  • Daily Operations in IT systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System)  and control station, quality assurance systems and local shop floor applications
  • Interface between local key users and Miba Group IT

Váš profil

  • Completed vocational education
  • IT related work experience in a manufacturing company
  • Very good knowledge of applications on the shop floor and IT infrastructures
  • Strong customer orientation
  • Good written and spoken English knowledge
  • High team spirit and implementation ability
  • Readiness for action and willingness to travel

Nábrežie Oravy 2222
026 01 Dolný Kubín

Vaša kontaktná osoba

Danka Ľachová
T: +421435802497

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